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Mud Pies to Blue Skies

Mud Pies to Blue Skies: The Colorful Life of Randy Ray is a hardcover memoir, written by Jeunesse Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Randy Ray. In this engaging book, he shares his rags-to-riches life story with never-before-released details and photos. To commemorate his humble beginnings, ALL proceeds from the sale of this book will support Jeunesse Kids, our 501(c)(3) nonprofit foundation, and its mission to empower kids born into dire circumstances.

International Praise

“If you know Randy, you already love him. If you don’t know him, after reading this book you will love him like everyone else does because you will know him to be a successful, honest, upright and, most of all, loving man.”

— Miguel Jaramillo, Double Diamond Director, Ecuador

“Randy shares his secrets of success with one great tale after another. An example for everyone to follow. This is one of those books you don’t want to put down.”

— Ming Lee, Double Diamond Director, USA

“Randy’s success is an amazing achievement. What I admire most is his resilience, passion, dedication to make a difference in people’s lives, and contagious positivity. It’s all here in a book full of lessons from his life. Read it and you’ll see what I mean.”

— Fernao Basttistoni, Double Diamond Director, Brazil

“Randy is one of the happiest and funniest people I have ever met, and he has a huge heart. His dynamic and impish personality is on full display in this highly readable account of his life. What a legacy this man has created!”

— Marcus Clemente, Double Diamond Director, Brazil

“Life with Randy is never boring. Mud Pies to Blue Skies should become a family heirloom. It is a model for how to leave Earth better than you found it. Randy is a true living hero.”

— Irawan Prajogo, Double Diamond Director, Indonesia

“The colorful stories overflow with Randy’s humor, faith, and fighting spirit. Mud Pies to Blue Skies is a passport for anyone wishing to travel to a brighter new world.”

— Yvonne Yen, Double Diamond Director, USA

“Randy has always dreamed big, sharing his vision and giving hope to people across the world. A true fighter against adversity and a respected role model, his enthusiasm and passion are clearly shown in the pages of this book.”

— Roger Lin, Double Diamond Director, Taiwan

“We loved reading Randy’s words of wisdom and gaining a greater appreciation of his unwavering spirit and commitment to make a difference in his life and the lives of others. The world is a better place with Randy Ray in it.”

— Stefanie Nichols and Steve Green, Diamond Directors, USA

“The king of storytelling keeps you entertained and engaged page after page. Randy Ray opens up about his poverty-stricken childhood telling stories he’s never told before, and he takes us behind the scenes with the creation of Jeunesse. A genuine must-read.”

— Flora Li, Triple Diamond Director, USA

“The most beautiful and memorable journey in life is to follow Randy and his charitable work around the world. We loved reading about his struggles and successes and especially learning more about the poor children and villages Jeunesse Kids has supported.”

— Hsin Yi Huang (Stacey) and Tser-Fu Chen (Jeff), Double Diamond Directors, Taiwan

“Thank you, Randy, for writing such an open and illuminating memoir. Your honesty and zest for life shines through, and your commitment to helping others is an inspiration to all.”

— Stefania Lo Gatto, Double Diamond Director, Italy

“Tough times don’t last, tough people do! If you’re looking for a book that demonstrates that saying—this is it. Randy Ray’s rags to riches account of his life’s journey comes straight from the heart.”

— Jirath Submongkonkul, Double Diamond Director, Thailand

“Reading about Randy’s life brought tears to my eyes. His determination to rise above his poor childhood and his dream to help others is truly inspirational. Mud Pies to Blue Skies is a book that will change lives.”

— Sannie Nie, Double Diamond Director, Canada

“You will love this book. You will love Randy. It will change who you are. Randy’s story will pierce your heart and soul and give you the courage to go after what you want in life. He has created a legacy that will continue for generations.”

— Ian and Judy Murray, Emerald Directors, Canada

“Outstanding! Randy’s story resonates with me. He’s a man with a giant-size heart who helps those who suffer because he suffered himself. If you want to succeed, read this book and learn how to serve others.”

— Oleg Permyakov, Diamond Director, Russia

“I’m so glad that Randy has finally written the book so many people wanted him to write. He’s a role model for every aspiring entrepreneur. And this is a wonderful, motivational read.”

— Wai Chu Cheng, Diamond Director, Hong Kong

“In a page-turner memoir, Randy Ray reveals how he used all the odds stacked against him as a reason to succeed instead of as an excuse to fail. His down-to-earth account shows how there is no straight line to success. It’s a roller-coaster ride ultimately worth the journey.”

— Calvin Becerra, Double Diamond Director, Los Angeles

“As a source of inspiration and joy, there’s no one quite like Randy Ray. Randy’s desire to contribute and his love for people comes through loud and clear. Mud Pies to Blue Skies is entertaining and informative, but most of all, it is motivating.”

— Caio Carneiro, Double Diamond Director, Brazil